Frequently Ask Questions about DSP

What is DSP?

Delta Sigma Pi is a Fraternity of business professionals stretching beyond the halls of university. Membership in Delta Sigma Pi is for life. The benefits of membership will extend well beyond your university years. As an International Business Fraternity with a long history, alumni involvement includes the opportunity for meeting, learning and sharing information with people in all types of professions and in all stages of their careers.

Why should I join?

There are many reasons why you should join, and all members of the fraternity have different, but similar reasons. Our brotherhood is comprised of not only students, but also esteemed faculty and alumni, including our advisor, Guillermo Martinez. A couple of reasons are: professional development, networking, resume/cover letter building, skill sharing, leadership training & development, and creating memories & joining a family! What you learn through your involvement in Delta Sigma Pi may potentially make you stand out while you’re looking for your first job and throughout your career.

What are the benefits?

Delta Sigma Pi will certainly do everything to prepare you to excel in the business world. From training events for conferences, from e-learning to mentoring and networking, the fraternity gives our members a great start in building professional, personal, career, and life skills. In addition to the professional life, you will get person to person skills through social interaction in your years with Delta Sigma Pi.

What separates DSP from a social fraternity?

A professional fraternity limits its membership to a specialized field of education in university with the purpose to promote professional competency and achievement within its field. Whereas the Social or General Fraternities / Sororities, selects its members from the undergraduate student body and they are mutually exclusive groups that organize the social life of their members.

What are we looking for in prospective brothers?

The prospective member of DSP are committed to living up to the Fraternities purpose and standards by being willing to give to the Fraternity, our members and our community. The prospective member should show kindness towards others, are able to adapt to the wills of the majority and conducts oneself according to the highest standards of ethics. Moreover, they should not just be involved, but be engaged by sharing information and ideas and by being eager to grow personally and professionally.

How does the recruitment process work?

Each semester, there are different events you can attend during recruitment week. Attending more events increases your chance of getting a bid and allows you to get to know the brothers better.

For events information go to Recruitment SP 21′

What are dues? And how much are they?

Dues are membership fees that the chapter needs to pay every semester to central office. As a new pledge, you will be paying around $140, 0n a typical semester.

Once I’m a pledge, what is the process?

Each prospective member shall be pledged according to the pledging ceremony of each fraternity. Pledging with this fraternity is not a guarantee of membership. This process should not last less than 30 days and no more than 6 weeks. Throughout this process you will learn what it’s like to be a part of the Lambda Upsilon chapter.

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